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In his series, Under a New Sun, José Castrellón looks inward at a chapter of his life that has shaped him, perhaps outwardly too, in search of what lies ahead. Every moment and every decision are a turning point in what seems to be an eternal process of becoming, of living between a yearning for what is behind and what is to come. It was in this limbo that Jose found himself when he returned to Maine where he grew up and studied to become a photographer. Encountering old friends and new strangers, through several journeys across the state that receives the new sun before any other in the US, José navigates his past in the hope of shedding light on his future.


Sostenere Ātman Journal vuol dire entrare a far parte di una comunità che crede, come noi, che internet possa mantenere le sue promesse originali: promuovere nella società il dibattito creativo, libero e indipendente e democratizzare la cultura. Di fronte alla prepotenza dei giganti digitali, la sua stessa presenza è un gesto di resistenza e di sfida.

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