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Based on the philosophical direction of Eco-Sophia, it explores the relationships between humans and the environment, as well as nature as a whole. It strives for a harmonious interaction between humans and nature, aiming to develop sustainable ecosystems where humans are not adversaries but integral parts of nature.

Recently, due to relocation and isolation from urban environments, I have become closely connected with nature. By paying attention to the details of its structure, I discovered a parallel between the formation of human life and the growth of plants. Drawing from my own life experiences, including family violence, and the significance of the environment and circumstances in the development of personal traumas of my friends, I began to explore the influence of soil and ecology on plant roots and plants as a whole, their growth and formation under the influence of various favorable and unfavorable factors in the environment.

I came to the conclusion that we have much in common, much more than I had previously thought, and that human life, like a plant, has its unique history of development and formation. Just like people, plants can sense danger and react to it, and undoubtedly, they require care in the same measure. Like humans, plants can compete and hinder each other’s growth and development. Similar to roots delving into various soil layers in search of nutrients and attempting to adapt to the environment, humans are capable of experiencing various situations and facing diverse challenges in their lives. Just as roots can be pruned and transplanted to a new location, humans can change their lives and adapt to new conditions if they strive for it and have the strength and resources to do so. Based on this, I realized that the development of roots is a good analogy for human life development. And, as it seems to me, this further connects people with nature, making us seem as though we are one entity. Thus, we address the question of the necessity to care for both ourselves and the world around us.

For me, it became essential to showcase humans and nature as a unified organism, emphasizing the silence of nature and the emotional aspect of a person and the human body, establishing a visual connection between them that could visually narrate the presumed feelings of both sides.


Sostenere Ātman Journal vuol dire entrare a far parte di una comunità che crede, come noi, che internet possa mantenere le sue promesse originali: promuovere nella società il dibattito creativo, libero e indipendente e democratizzare la cultura. Di fronte alla prepotenza dei giganti digitali, la sua stessa presenza è un gesto di resistenza e di sfida.

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