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The natural world carves a pathway to a transcendence — giving an outlet to derive belief, tradition, and spirituality from one’s deep connection to it. The water of a healing spring brings a community together to gather and bathe in its graces. The presence of natural rock formations brings one of the last indigenous craftsmen back into the woods to search for the abundance his ancestors once encountered. The search for the mythical Sasquatch drives an entire investigative effort by the ones who believe. A coven of modern witches uses the landscape for clues of clairvoyance and celebration.

This body of work examines the act of searching within this mythological Southern landscape. Presenting no beginning and no end, this series exemplifies the curiosity of such an investigation of the natural world. In all experiences, there is an intentionality in turning their back on Southern preconceptions – finding their own mythologies and realities to depend upon, activating their communities with new ideas, and adding to the complicated and textured qualities of a Southern life.


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