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Asymptote uses architectural sites that are authentic to the era of socialism. Places, former symbols of power and greatness, elevated in order to make the person feel small. Today they stand still, stripped of essential purpose, abandoned or forgotten like gravestones of their former glory. Asymptote merges past and present, by reflecting on one at the time of the other.

At the basis of the project lies a historical foundation that collaborates with a fictional scenario to blur the lines between reality and memory. Authentic testimonies and archive materials are reinterpreted by contemporary digital language of a fiction based on truth. The goal is not only to reflect on the past, but most importantly to address the current state of (post-soviet satellite) society and its values. Project deals with several topics such as paranoia, surveillance, uniformity, normalisation or censorship, all being part of this cultural legacy and having lasting effect on actual situations, thinking and behaviour.

All body form in the project is folded within the space to shape a coherent geometrical composition, a symbol of the regime itself. People create a pattern. Each one is stripped of their own individuality to become a unified form, creating a society where every difference is an anomaly in the system.


Sostenere Ātman Journal vuol dire entrare a far parte di una comunità che crede, come noi, che internet possa mantenere le sue promesse originali: promuovere nella società il dibattito creativo, libero e indipendente e democratizzare la cultura. Di fronte alla prepotenza dei giganti digitali, la sua stessa presenza è un gesto di resistenza e di sfida.

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