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“A Mezzogiorno is an Italian expression meaning both “at midday” and “in the South”.

This work is the result of my personal perspective towards my own origins, which I inevitably keep questioning every time I travel back to South of Italy.

Traveling there means entering a dimension in which time never seems to pass, in which life flows marked uniquely by customs and traditions. Life becoming still life. It is a familiar, reassuring, yet numbing state of mind that while living abroad I learnt to inextricably long for and reject. It is the indissoluble mixture of sacred and secular, tuff houses eroded by wind and sea salt, peeling lime wall, rust, sunburnt land.

Shot on 6×7 film medium.”


Sostenere Ātman Journal vuol dire entrare a far parte di una comunità che crede, come noi, che internet possa mantenere le sue promesse originali: promuovere nella società il dibattito creativo, libero e indipendente e democratizzare la cultura. Di fronte alla prepotenza dei giganti digitali, la sua stessa presenza è un gesto di resistenza e di sfida.

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