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In A Lair, I reinterpret old myths and Slavic rituals, using amulets from my childhood home, which was a warehouse of my grandmother’s cabinets of curiosities. Through performative activities, objects, installations and portraits, I combined the forest space with the space of the house. My work results in a series of symbolic images dealing with the cycles of life and death present in nature as well as in human life.

The house in Witowice Dolne is my childhood home, full of spirits collected so scrupulously in the first years of my life. The house stands next to a forest so green and virgin that it is impossible not to discover magical creatures there. Going back, I return to adventures and riddles that remain unsolved. I’m still looking for answers.

My grandma was my guide to this world. She led me into the woods, and called mushrooms, stones and roots by their names. Some, she anthropomorphized and took home with her. Through the years, the inside of the house has been filled to the brim with objects she collected. Grandma never threw anything out. Once she has brought something in, it remains with her forever. The house, together with her, grows old, everything within it subject to natural cycles. Enormous roots that resemble animals, bunches of plants and pebbles arranged on the stove kept watching over us. They reconcile home with the dark woods that surround it.

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